Halcyon March (Brass Band)

Arrangement Details

The march 'Halcyon' was commissioned by the Busselton Brass Band to celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2021.

Named in honour of the whale-ship that shipwrecked in Geographe Bay in 1844, the march opens with a stately introduction and the main melody mimics the rise and fall of the ocean waves around the Busselton Jetty and town.

The bass solo is inspired by the town’s whaling and fishing history, and then returns to the original melody.

The trio changes into 2/4 after the initial 6/8 contrasting the early years of Busselton and the more recent tourism and vineyard history. The trio also has a counter melody second time through to honour the band members who fought in World War I and II.

At the end of the trio a D.C. to restate the opening themes, then a rousing finish at the end of the Bass Solo.